RIP John Prestwich MBE 24-11-1938 - 27-02-2006

Breeze Cottage

In hospital for 16 years, the first 7 in an iron lung, then in 1971 John married Maggie and for the next 35 years and until he passed away in 2006, his home was Breeze Cottage.


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Is there anyone to listen to the things I need to say?

Will anybody be around to take the pain away?

During all the years Iíve given in caring just for you,

Didnít anybody out there think that I could use some too?

Because of who you are, you get everyoneís attention,

But I think itís only fair that Iím allowed to mention,

Especially at times in life when things are hard to bear,

That I have feelings too and I wish someone would care.

I could use a gentle word or perhaps a kindly deed;

I could do with some support Ė that is really what I need.

Does anybody care enough to listen to my plea?

After all those years of caring, canít someone care for ME?

Maggie Prestwich
December 1991


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