RIP John Prestwich MBE 24-11-1938 - 27-02-2006

Breeze Cottage

In hospital for 16 years, the first 7 in an iron lung, then in 1971 John married Maggie and for the next 35 years and until he passed away in 2006, his home was Breeze Cottage.


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Ten Exhausted Carers

Ten exhausted carers feeling far from fine,
Things became too much for one
So then there were nine.

Nine exhausted carers fed up with their fate,
One departed overnight
So then there were eight.

Eight exhausted carers dreaming about heaven,
One couldn’t wait to get there
So then there were seven.

Seven exhausted carers all in quite a fix,
One became hysterical
So then there were six.

Six exhausted carers only half alive,
No-one met the needs of one
So then there were five.

Five exhausted carers collapsed upon the floor,
One just couldn’t move again
So then there were four.

Four exhausted carers feeling all at sea,
One sailed out to lands afar
So then there were three.

Three exhausted carers feeling rather blue,
One had more than she could take
So then there were two.

Two exhausted carers always on the run,
One ran sobbing down the street
So then there was one.

One exhausted carer – hasn’t this been fun (?!)
She went on until she dropped
So then there were none!


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