RIP John Prestwich MBE 24-11-1938 - 27-02-2006

Breeze Cottage

In hospital for 16 years, the first 7 in an iron lung, then in 1971 John married Maggie and for the next 35 years and until he passed away in 2006, his home was Breeze Cottage.


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We would like to say a very big thank you to Russ at IntroSites who has made such a superb job of our new website. We had never planned on having our own website, but several years ago Richard Hill ( a one time technician at the Lane Fox Respiratory Unit at St. Thomasís Hospital, London) set one up for us as a surprise gift. It would appear from the emails we have since received that Johnís story has been a source of great encouragement to many people Ė literally worldwide. It was for this reason that we approached Russ for our site to be updated. The result has not only surpassed our expectations but also his willingness and kindness in doing it all entirely voluntarily has left a lasting impression on us both. All we hope is that through his undoubted talent our updated website will continue to be a source of help and inspiration to many more people. Thank you Russ!

Thanks to Nicky ffrench-Blake for her drawing of Breeze Cottage.

John and Maggie


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