RIP John Prestwich MBE 24-11-1938 - 27-02-2006

Breeze Cottage

In hospital for 16 years, the first 7 in an iron lung, then in 1971 John married Maggie and for the next 35 years and until he passed away in 2006, his home was Breeze Cottage.


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John Prestwich MBE 24.11.1938 – 27.2.2006

Thank you for visiting our website but before reading John’s amazing life story,
please open and read “A Message from Maggie”.


A message from Maggie

We are John and Maggie Prestwich and we live in a small village in Hertfordshire, England. Our lives are somewhat out of the ordinary as John has, for over 50 years, been completely paralysed below his chin and entirely dependent 24 hours of the day on artificial ventilation to keep him alive. He contracted bulbar polio during the week of his 17th birthday in 1955. Requiring 24 hour a day care, for the first 16 years John was permanently in hospital, but in 1971 we got married and came to live in our own home.

Iron Lung
"John in hospital in an iron lung"

John & Maggie Maggie therefore has quite a full life being housewife, gardener, carer and general factotum! However, with the support of friends, modern technology and our own adapted transport, we can and indeed do lead busy and fulfilling lives. If you wish you can find out much more about us on these pages – we hope that you will find them interesting and informative.

John and Maggie

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